Publication Committee

The Publication Committee is the registered non-profit Association for the Promotion of Sports Medicine based in Hannover, Germany, and acts as the publisher of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP) e.V. The association holds all publication rights and has a contract with the current publisher, which acts as the de facto publisher for the association. The members of the association are 16 regional members of the DGSP, who elect a board of directors to act as the publication body and oversee editorial work. The association's general meeting elects the editor-in-chief every two years and approves the budget. The Directors appoint other editors and board members on the recommendation of the Editor-in-Chief and other DGSP committees; they control the budget and financial relations with the publisher. The Editor-in-Chief acts independently in accordance with the Journal's editorial policies, which are proposed and adopted by the Journal's Board of Directors and approved by the Publication Committee.