Submissions in the German Journal of Sports Medicine


The German Journal of Sports Medicine – Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin is dedicated to the science and practice of Sports Medicine and its border fields which investigate the influence of exercise, training and sports as well as lack of exercise to healthy and sick people of all age-groups providing these findings for prevention, therapy, rehabilitation and sports in general.

The German Journal of Sports Medicine recognizes the principles of scientific practice and the anti-doping in sports as confessed in the journal’s policies and editorial-guidelines. It is presumed that the Authors are in knowledge and acceptance of these policies. In the German Journal of Sports Medicine, all papers have to pass a review-process and will be edited by the editorial office.

Submission of Manuscripts

For submission and administration of the manuscript an electronic system (editorial manager, is established. Submission of manuscripts has to be accomplished only by using the electronic system.

To utilise the editorial manager system, a registration is required. The systems guides throughout all necessary steps in the processes of registration and submission of manuscripts. To submit a manuscript at editoral manager system, the required submission form needs to be accepted only online at the end of submission. The acceptance applies to all authors. There is no longer a need for filling the written submission form. The submission form declares that all authors are in complete knowledge and responsibility of the manuscript’s content. Further, they confess to the policies of scientifically practice. They accept passing the rights for publication for the printed version as well as for the online version to The German Journal of Sports Medicine.