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Sports Medicine as a Speciality in Europe

Sportmedizin als eine europäische Spezialität

From its inception in 1997 the European Federation of Sport Medicine Associations (EFSMA) had as its first aim and objective the recognition of SM as a speciality in Europe. EFSMA is the recognized 41 countries (35 voted at last Council of Delegates in 2009) of Europe. A second objective is to develop and harmonize education, clinical services and research in Sports Medicine by having it included in the basic curricula of Medical Schools, and developed as a post graduate faculty throughout European countries. It is also aimed at increasing understanding, among the general population, of the importance of physical activity and sport training for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and diseases.
The European Union recognition procedure is done by the European Union of Medical Specialists Board (UEMS). The UEMS Multidisciplinary Joint Committee on Sport Medicine (UEMS MJC on SM) is a committee with all the rules and regulations of a fully recognised specialty Section of UEMS. It is however a committee work in progress to have a specialty recognised. Our MJC has been in official progress for the past 5 years. It is hoped and expected that the UEMS Council will recognise Sport Medicine as a specialty in the next months.
The following has been done by the MJC and been posted on the EFSMA website:
1. Requirements for SM training
2. SM specialty core curriculum for European countries
3. SM action plan 2009- 20124. The duties of the National Manager
5. A power point presentation.
6. A form for applying for European Board certification by equivalence.
The movement of doctors within Europe is an established right that depends on the recognition of that doctor in any country by that countries Medical Council or Chamber.
Becoming a recognised member of the Board of the UEMS MJC on SM, does not overcome any of the above rights or restrictions, but it is a Seal of Excellence at European level. The details of how the UEMS functions are outlined in the documents on UEMS on the EFSMA website. This is the official website of the UEMS MJC on SM.

Report on Rome meeting
The meeting in Rome 2.2012 had 2 purposes
1. To meet with the Minister of Health of Italy
2. To have a meeting of the National Managers and assign them tasks.
The meeting with the Italian Minister of Health was to arrange for him to present the case for Sport Medicine becoming a speciality in Europe to the European Commission and to the European Parliament in 2012. This task could have been done by any one of the 13 countries with a recognised specialty in sport medicine.
The choice of Italy was due to their well established and strong Sport Medicine Association. Prof. Fabio Pigozzi, EFSMA secretary general from 1997- 2009, a key person in all negotiations with UEMS since 2005 and now as President of FIMS (since 2009) and honorary president of EFSMA made Italy an easy choice for the political intervention needed. This was compounded by the Italian SMA President Dr. Maurizio Casasco (Treasurer, UEMS MJC on SM) and a person experienced in dealing with delicate sport medicine negotiations being fully involved and supportive.
The excellent rapport of the Italian SMA with their government minister was another reason Italy was chosen. The good understanding of the Italian Minister of Health of the role of SM in a country was another reason. This meeting occurred in the afternoon of 10.2.2012. The follow up by the Italian SMA will ensure the process is seen to conclusion.
The meeting of the National Managers was to again outline their function and enact the functions of the National Managers in each country. This was done successfully. The rules and regulations of the UEMS are fully transparent and are the final arbitration of any unintentional misunderstandings.
Each National Manager was asked to apply for Board recognition by equivalence as a mark of their approval of the system. This can be done by downloading the application form from the EFSMA website. Presentations of certificates of fellowship of the European Board were made in Rome in September 2012.
Everything said in this report is the interpretation of the authors. The details and the final interpretation can only be made by reading the papers on the EFSMA website on UEMS.

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Corresponding Author:
Joseph Cummiskey, Ireland; Andre Debruyne, Belgium;
Norbert Bachl, Austria; Fabio Pigozzi, Italy;
Hans-Herman Dickhuth, Germany;
Maurizio Casasco, Italy; Emin Ergen, Turkey
(All elected EFSMA officers);
Nicolas Christodoulou, Cyprus (President of the European Union
of Medical Specialists Multidisciplinary Joint Committee on Sports
Medicine (UEMS MJC on SM))