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Issue 9/2019 High Performance Sports


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Immune System and Sport – A Changing Relationship Bloch W

Managing Immune Health in Sports – A Practical Guide for Athletes and Coaches Palmowski J*, Boßlau TK*, Ryl L, Krüger K, Reichel T

Exercise-Neuro-Immunology – From Bench to Bedside Zimmer P, Bansi J, Rademacher A, Schlagheck ML, Walzik D, Proschinger S, Bloch W, Joisten N

Biomarkers to Monitor Efficacy of Exercise Programs in Multimorbid Osteoarthritis Patients: Is Inflammation the Clue? Widmann M, Krauß I, Janßen P, Nieß AM, Munz B

The Role of the Immune System in Response to Muscle Damage Gehlert S, Jacko D

Current Knowledge and New Challenges in Exercise Immunology Alack K*, Pilat C*, Krüger K


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As of issue 1/2018, in all scientific articles American English will be declared as main language.

The reviewing process can still be done in German language; all German-speaking articles need to be translated before publication by the authors. We will support young authors with this translation. Extended Abstracts will still be published in German.

With this procedure we aim to be listed in international databases.