Issue 1
Effects of the Corona Pandemic on Competitive Sports – an Online Survey Amongst 2981 German and Austrian Elite Athletes
Clinical Review
Sudden Cardiac Death in Sports
Short Report
Which Athletes Fail Faster to Send Weekly Questionnaires or to Comply with an Injury Risk Reduction Program
Issue 2
Clinical Review
Bone Stress Injuries
Issue 4
Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2023
Congress Information
Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2023
Scientific Abstracts
Issue 5
Supplements, Analgesics and Alcohol Use of German Amateur Golfers
Prevalence of Sport-Related Analgesic Use in German Elite Handball Players
Originalia - Online First 28 July 2023
Respiratory Muscle Training with an App-Based Device Improves Persistent Shortness of Breath in Patients after SARS-CoV-2 Infection – a Randomized Controlled Trial
Issue 6
Editorial - Online First 01 September 2023
Letter to the Editor entitled “Fairness and Scientific Correctness is Needed in the Debate on Transgender Athletes”
Injury Risk Reduction Perceptions in Athletics: Survey on Elite Athletes and Stakeholders Participating at the Munich 2022 European Championships