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The German Journal of Sports Medicine is Turning Hybrid

The German Journal of Sports Medicine is Turning Hybrid

Die Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin wird hybrid

The publisher and editorial team responded to the question of whether a printed journal still makes sense for ecological reasons, but acknowledged that some readers rely on a printed version and that we have subscribers to the printed version. The transition from a printed journal to an electronic medium is made easier by the fact that we have already significantly expanded the DZSM website in recent years. The journal now offers an extensive scientific literature database.

Switching to purely electronic production of the journal would have the side effect of saving further considerable paper and postage costs, particularly for members of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP), who receive the journal free of charge as part of the membership bonus. The DZSM will switch from a printed to an electronic edition for DGSP members from 2025, but will offer a paid print version as an option. Members will have to opt for the printed version in return for a surcharge. So far, around 12% of members have opted for a printed edition. Subscribers continue to receive the printed version.


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