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Editorial - Between Progress and Invisibility: Are Post-Viral Fatigue Syndromes Overwhelming Medicine and Society?

Between progress and invisibility: Are post-viral fatigue syndromes overwhelming medicine society?

Steinacker JM, Klinkisch E-M

SJR - Scimago Journal & Country Rank 2022 released!

New Releases 2023!

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SJR Preview

The SJR - Scimago Journal & Country Rank 2022 has been released. The German Journal of Sports Medicine is now ranked higher in 2 of 3 categories! In 2020, the Journal promoted from Quartile 4 into Quartile 3 in "Orthopedics and Sports Medicine" and also in "Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation".

The respective ranks are:

- Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy und Rehabilitaion:
#46th percentile of 226 journals in the SJR - Scimago Rank, and, in the Scimago Journal & Country Rank the rank has improved in 2022 by 37 places.

- Orthopedics and Sports Medicine:
#40th percentile of 298 journals in the SJR - Scimago Rank, and, in the Scimago Journal & Country Rank the rank has improved in 2023 by 41 places.

    Our H-Index rose from 19 (in 2019) to an index of 23 (in 2023).

    The SJR 2021 is now 0.272 (compared to 2020: 0,23; 2019: 0.16; 2018: 0.14; 2017: 0.13)


    Cites/Doc. Factor

    Our Cites/Docs (2 years) factor is comparative to the impact factor, which rose unto a current factor of 1.021.


    SCImago Journal & Country Rank


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    Current Issue

    Issue 4/2024

    Olympic Sports Medicine

    Editorial Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games - an opportunity for (competitive) sport Wolfarth B, Hirschmüller A

    Review Effects of Cardiorespiratory Fitness on Immune Cell Mitochondrial Metabolism in Health and Disease Gebhardt K, Krüger K

    Originalia Injuries in Athletics (Track and Field): A Narrative Review Presenting the Current Problem of Injuries Edouard P, Dandrieux P-E, Iatropoulos S, Blanco D, Junge A, Branco P, Chapon J, Mulenga D, Guex K, Guilhem G, Jacobsson J, Mann R, McCallion C, Mosser C, Morin J-B, Prince C, Ruffault A, Timpka T, Alonso J-M, Tsukahara Y, Navarro L, Hollander K

    Originalia Treatment of Chronic Hallux Sesamoid Injuries with Focused Extracorporeal Shockwave and Physical Therapy in an Athletic Population: A Retrospective Case Series Schon JM, Gureck AE, Rhim HC, Malik GR, Tenforde AS

    Originalia Sprint Acceleration Mechanical Outputs and Lower Limb Injuries: A Follow-Up of Sprint, Jumps and Combined Events Athletes during an Athletics Season Chapon J, Navarro L, Plais A, Morin J-B, Tondut J, Hollander K, Edouard P

    Clinical Review Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S) Kopp C, Rall K, Dreser K#,Hagmann D, Resmark G, Königstein K# (shared senior authorship)

    Issues in 2024

    Issue 1/2024 → planned date of publishing March 2024

    Issue 2/2024 → planned date of publishing April 2024

    Issue 3/2024 → planned date of publishin May 2024

    Issue 4/2024 → planned date of publishing June 2024

    Issue 5/2024 → planned date of publishing August 2024

    Issue 6/2024 → planned date of publishing October 2024

    Issue 7/2024 → planned date of publishing November 2024