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The SJR - Scimago Journal & Country Rank 2021 has been released. The German Journal of Sports Medicine is now ranked higher in 2 of 3 categories! In 2020, the Journal promoted from Quartile 4 into Quartile 3 in "Orthopedics and Sports Medicine" and also in "Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation". We are still holding this position.

The respective ranks are:

  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine #178 of 284, that is a respective place of: 37 (comparison: #203 of 288 in 2020)
  • Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation #127 of 218 , that is a respective place of: 41 (comparison: #140 of 210 in 2020)

We are just improving year by year!

Our H-Index rose from 19 (in 2019) to an index of 20 (in 2020). We are currently holding this h-index effectively!

The SJR 2021 is now 0.295 (compared to 2020: 0,23; 2019: 0.16; 2018: 0.14; 2017: 0.13)


Cires/Doc. Factor

Our Cites/Docs (2 years) factor is comparative to the impact factor, which rised from 2020 to 2021 unto a current factor of 1.086.


SCImago Journal & Country Rank


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Current Issue

Issue 1/2023

Sports Cardiology

Editorial Heart and Sports – a Never-Ending Story Kindermann W

Originalia Effects of the Corona Pandemic on Competitive Sports – an Online Survey Amongst 2981 German and Austrian Elite Athletes Burgstahler C, Plank C, Niess AM, Schobersberger W, Niebauer J, Scharhag J

Clinical Review Sudden Cardiac Death in Sports Egger F, Ukaj A, Hollander K

Case Report CMR Tissue Characterization and Course of Acute SARS-CoV-2 type B.1.1.529 Associated Myocarditis in a Professional Soccer Player Seitz A, Wachter K, Cani E, Burgstahler C, Spaich S, Mahrholdt H

Short Report Which Athletes Fail Faster to Send Weekly Questionnaires or to Comply with an Injury Risk Reduction Program Edouard P, Blanco D, Steffen K, Nielsen RO, Verhagen E, Ruffault A



Issues in 2023

Issue 1/2023 → planned date of publishing March 2023

Issue 2/2023 → planned date of publishing April 2023

Issue 3/2023 → planned date of publishin May 2023

Issue 4/2023 → planned date of publishing June 2023

Issue 5/2023 → planned date of publishing August 2023

Issue 6/2023 → planned date of publishing October 2023

Issue 7/2023 → planned date of publishing November 2023

The Journal is mourning about its long lasting Editor-in-chief Wildor Hollmann from 1959 to 1999

Germany's most decorated sports physician, DGSP honorary president, co-initiator of the "Trimm-Dich" movement and honorary citizen of Menden, Univ.-Prof. mult. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Wildor Hollmann died last Thursday, May 13, 2021. The world-renowned internist, cardiologist and researcher was unable to recover from a coronavirus infection he suffered. Hollmann lived to the age of 96.

After military service and war captivity from 1943 to 1947, Hollmann studied medicine in Cologne, earning his doctorate in 1954 and his habilitation in 1961. After founding the Institute for Circulatory Research and Sports Medicine, he received a chair in cardiology and sports medicine at the German Sport University (DSHS) in Cologne. As prorector, dean and rector of the medical and natural sciences department at DSHS, he helped the institution gain an international reputation in more than 14 years of research and leadership, pushed through a generous expansion, and achieved doctoral and post-doctoral degrees there. Throughout, his research focused on the importance of physical activity for maintaining health and promoting performance. To this end, he developed pioneering concepts, such as for outpatient cardiac sports groups, and was the father of the "Trimm dich!" exercise initiative, which is still practiced today and gets many people physically active through the so-called "Trimm-Dich" paths.

Even after retiring in 1990, Hollmann remained active in research and teaching; more than 1000 diploma theses and more than 200 doctoral dissertations were written under his supervision. He authored several books and more than 800 publications. Always active in sports until his death, Hollmann was, among other things, an honorary member of 14 international scientific societies. With the award of the Great Federal Cross of Merit with shoulder ribbon and star in 2000 and the Paracelsus Medal of the German Medical Association in 2002, Univ.-Prof. mult. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Wildor Hollmann was also Honorary President of the World Federation of Sports Medicine FIMS and the DGSP.

Find here the link to the Editorial on the occasion of his 90th Birthday.

Scientific Articles: COVID-19 / Corona-Virus / Sars-CoV-2


Annual Table of Content

Sports and the corona epidemic

German Sports TV "ARD Sportschau" & Article Return to sports in Corona

Worldwide Survey | Corona Pandemic

  • Social distancing and the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic have changed our lives. In particular, access to sports and exercise has become more difficult due to contact restrictions and the closure of gyms and sports clubs.
  • The Goethe University Frankfurt is conducting a worldwide survey on this topic together with 14 other universities. It would be great if you could take a few minutes to tell us how the crisis affects you. The results will help us to offer you free individualized training in a few weeks.
  • Link to survey: 

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